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Get Inspired By 24 Customer Behaviour & Insight Directors As They Reveal How To Monetise Insights Into Changing Customer Behaviours, Needs & Expectations

Customer-Centric Strategies, Journeys, Experiences & Marketing: Monetise Insights Into Changing Customer Behaviours, Needs & Expectations

Tap Into The Human Behind The Behaviours & The Tech. A One-Day, Senior, Brand-Led Conference & Networking Event, 30th April 2019, One America Square, London

08.30 Registration, Coffee & Informal Networking

09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Morning Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Mark Billingham
Customer Operations Director
Shop Direct

Quick-Fire Introduction - Customer Behaviours


In a world where attention spans are getting shorter, get ready to test yours in this powerful, thought- provoking and timed overview of customer behaviours which proves how much information you can absorb in just five minutes.

Enrico Nonino
Head Marketing UK

Behaviours, Expectations & Drivers - Panel

09.25 Keep Up With Evolving Customer Behaviours, Needs & Expectations & Uncover The Hidden ‘Why’ Behind The Behaviour For A Truly Customer-Centric Customer Experience

  • The human-centric connection: how can you embrace your consumers as individuals and tap into the human behind the behaviours?
  • Uncover the truth behind consumer intent and behaviour and get to grips with the emotions and psychology behind every purchase to determine the key drivers behind consumers’ purchasing habits
  • Hammer home the commercial value of satisfied customers by adopting new, successful strategies which recognise your customer’s needs, overcome pain points and exceed expectations
  • Stay ahead of the game! Anticipate, manage and meet customer’s rising expectations around speed of service and ease of access for all-round improved customer experiences

Mike Johnstone
Director, Marketing Strategy
Volvo Car UK

Sarah Helppi
Head of Marketing Performance & Loyalty


Georgina Lewis
Head of Marketing
The Football Association

Karen Ehrlich
Global Brand Director Gin

Pernod Ricard

Ellie Mickleburgh
Marketing Director

Nick Watkins
Head of Insights & Evaluation

The Money Advice

Mapping Journeys

10.05 Sophisticated Strategies To Deliver Smooth & Personalised Customer Journeys Which Drive Brand Engagement & Interaction

  • Master next-level customer journey mapping strategies in order to deliver and maximise brand presence
  • Untangling digital: how are customers changing their mindsets on the digital journey and how is the transition into the digital realm affecting customer behaviours?
  • Channel of choice: get your channel mix right to ensure an engaged customer base

Georgina Boyd
Head of Marketing, United Kingdom & Ireland
Schwarzkopf Professional

10.25 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Influencing Journeys

10.55 Take Your Customer Journeys To The Next Level By Influencing Your Customers Along The Way & Driving Conversions

  • The next step: successful strategies to understand your customer’s holistic decision process from awareness and consideration to the point of purchase and beyond to influence journeys for greater conversions
  • Interject and influence: tailored practices to determine the key moment in your customer’s journey to interject and influence to drive conversions
  • Ensure your tailored communication is relevant and takes place at the right point in their journey to drive real business benefit

Nick King
Insight Director
Auto Trader

Global Urban Mobility

11.20 Unpicking the Universal and the Esoteric Amongst Commuters in the World’s Biggest Cities

Bianca Abulafia
Insight Director
Kadence International

Rupert Sinclair
Insight Director
Kadence International

Digital Channels

11.50 Integrate Your Online & Offline Activity By Expertly Transforming Data Into Actionable Insights Which Drive Business Objectives & Meet Customer’s Soaring Expectations

  • Best-practice advice for successfully merging multiple data sets from offline, online and across the business to minimise customer pain points and drive results
  • Advice on how to build a complete customer view, attribute conversions and measure customer value to drive brand interaction
  • Harness the right digital channels for the right interaction for boosted engagement

Sarah Vigrass
Data & Insights Director

Customer Centricity - Case Study

12.10 Customer Behaviours Which Come To Life – Use Insights & Storytelling To Put The Customer At The Heart Of Your Business

  • Tap into the emotions behind customer behaviours and use this insight to support and maximise customer engagement and interaction
  • Harness the art of storytelling to make your customer-centric message really stick
  • Proactive advice on immersive design for real impact - customer engagement that helps your organisation meet soaring needs and expectations

Lisa Quinlan-Rahman
Executive Director of Customer Strategy & Experience

Julia Mazorodze
Head of Customer Attraction & Experience

12.35 Lunch For Delegates, Speakers & Partners

13.05 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) Personalisation: Ellie Inman, Qualitative Research Manager, Strategic Insight, Sky

B) Loyalty & Retention: Alison O’Brien, Director of Insight & Customer, Rugby Football

C) Communities: Rob Hardy, Customer Insights Manager, Cambridge University Press

13.25 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Keith Fletcher
Head of Customer Journey Change Programme

New Tech & AI - Q&A

13.45 Harness & Exploit New, Cutting-Edge Tools, Technologies & Strategies To Influence Customer Behaviours

  • Investigate the impact of tech and how it is shaping and adapting consumer behaviours and influencing ongoing customer interactions
  • With technology revolutionising and impacting customer’s demands, get to grips with how to address these changes successfully for winning conversions every time
  • Future-proof your digital activities: how can we best adapt strategies to anticipate the effect automated reality will have?

Carlos Cantu
Director of Marketing EMEA

Dr Nicola Millard
Head of Customer Insight & Futures


Nick King
Insight Director
Auto Trader

Advanced Data - Case Study

14.15 Anticipating Customer Needs & Expectations With Advanced Data & Actionable Insight Modelling To Drive Business Improvements Now & In The Future

  • Learn quick, fail fast: tried-and-tested techniques which maximise the power of big data to deliver critical insights in a faster and more efficient way
  • Data deliverables: identify the best modelling techniques and learn how to build these into your behavioural tracking for processes that win every time
  • Be proactive not reactive: discover how brands are leveraging behavioural data to predict and understand their consumer’s fundamental needs and expectations to deliver exceptional, personalised experiences

Sarah Mayhead
Head of Customer Data & Analytics- Europe

14.35 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner. For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email

Measuring The Customer Voice - Case Study

15.05 Beyond The Survey – Harness The Customer Voice & Action Valuable Insights From Customer Feedback With New, Innovative Measurement Research Techniques

  • Spice up your surveys! Develop your customer feedback processes with proven, innovative techniques to measure customer behaviour and produce excellent response rates
  • Drive your business forward by actioning real insights from customer feedback and translate these insights into your strategies to prove that your customer’s voice is valued
  • Take your research communities to the next level by unlocking the key to distinguishing between genuine and reported behaviours and acquire a deeper understanding of how consumer responses are changing

Maciej Partyka
Global Head of Customer Insights

15.35 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Data Matchmaking

16.05 Proactive, High-Impact & Innovative Approaches To Keep Up With Changing Needs & Expectations Of Customers By Actioning Insights To Deliver More Delight

  • Develop a holistic customer-centric understanding of needs, expectations and drivers by unlocking insights into why customers are thinking and doing what they are today
  • Anticipate and explore the behavioural appetite for personalised services and data trends and what their mindset is likely to be tomorrow

Jan Richards
Head of Insights & Planning
Dublin Airport

Storytelling Results

16.25 Mission-Critical Methods On How To Sell Your Insight Story Internally By Successfully Conveying The Facts To Engage Senior Decision Makers

What next? You’ve completed your research, mapped the journey and uncovered crucial customer behaviours… take this to the next-level with proven strategies which determine how to sell your story back into the business to boost efficiencies, maximise communication and drive real results time-and time-again.

Enrico Nonino
Head Marketing UK

16.45 Chair’s Closing Remarks

17.05 Official Close Of Conference